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Central Coast Solutions is a Full Service Business Technology Consulting Company Based in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota.

Our approach is different because we see technology as a tool that drives business. For our team, there are no “clients” – only business partners. That may seem like a small difference, but we believe it makes all the difference in the world. Each day we manage multiple system platforms and diverse layers to serve your organization — a balancing act few can match. As our core markets rely on Apple Macintosh computers, we specialize in knowing everything about them — their integration into PC networks, applications and workflow.


We Can Help Your Company Achieve Your Vision.

Our clients consist of Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, graphic designers, desktop publishers, printing companies, law firms, construction, medical, architectural, interior design and marketing professionals – plus home-based businesses and users.

The Team

Ed Klemz

Ed KlemzOwner & Founder
In 1978 Ed purchased his first computer – an Apple II+. Since then, he has devoted his career to designing and maintaining computer systems. Coupled with his background in application programming and electronics engineering – with a devoted passion for wanting talented creative people to have all the right tools to do their amazing work – Central Coast Solutions was founded in 1994 with a commitment to support the advertising, design, photography and print industries – from desktop to internet.


You’ll find Ed with wheels constantly in motion – serving clients directly and leading many of the training and user group sessions sponsored by Central Coast. He has presented to groups on a number of technology-related subjects at the annual AIGA Design Camp, appeared in Twin Cities Business Monthly, and guest hosted Craig Crossman’s Computer America radio talk show.


“When someone tells me – that because of my help – they now have more time to accomplish projects, evolve ideas and be more creative, that gives me true satisfaction. Creating a ‘culture of good technology’ is something our client partners benefit from each day, and has a direct connection to their productivity, bottom line and ultimately their profitability.”  — Ed Klemz


Jon BerghService Technician
Jon has a saying: “I want to leverage technology to get it out of the way of the creative user.” With a background in business operations and photography, he guides clients through a multitude of support issues, all while consulting on the process – and ensuring high functionality is the ultimate goal. Jon has solid experience in the corporate sector, and joined the Central Coast team in 2014.
John FairburnOffice Manager
John has been with Central Coast since 2005 and is the calm voice on the other end of the phone when you call the office. He’s a “one man band” – from invoicing to shipping & receiving. John handles a multitude of important areas that keep things running smoothly each day. He recently achieved Apple Product Professional status, and is an Adobe Certified Sales Professional.
Alex FeldmanService Technician
Alex is used to working in the creative trenches. He understands exactly how technology intersects with the user – and how to get the most out of computers and related systems. With 20+ years in the business, and a background in prepress and color management, Alex can find an innovative solution for just about any problem. Bring it on!
Bill HofiusService Technician
Bill believes the first step in helping with a problem is listening. He comes to Central Coast from over a decade at Apple Stores, steeped in client service, training and technology. His focus is on the tools people use to accomplish goals, better their businesses and themselves.
Mike SelnerInteractive Technician
Mike is the president of Central Coast partner, Tela, which means “web” in Latin. Always ready to figure out a complex problem or answer a question, Mike has many years of experience with the Internet, the Web, LANs, WANs, and VPNs, databases, security, email systems, and a broad variety of UNIX systems.
Bill WendlandtInteractive Strategist
After a successful career in politics, Bill yearned for a more honest life in the business world – and joined Central Coast in 2003. Heading up the interactive team with diplomacy – yet firmly in charge of getting results, Bill aggressively puts his best foot forward to walk in his clients’ shoes, understand their needs, and work side-by-side with them to “get ‘er done.”
Troy YeagerService Technician
Troy has been with Central Coast since 2007. He’s worked as a systems administrator, network technician, database administrator, designer and preflight manager – which means you’re in good hands with Troy at the helm supporting your business. His goal is to make technology work the way users expect, and the ever-changing opportunities to leverage tools means his life is always interesting and exciting.


Now Hiring!

Are you a Mac guru that always seems to have an edge on others when it comes to technology? Do you love a challenge? What’s your ideal job? If it includes having a lucrative career working with amazing clients to provide exceptional technology products, service and training, then a role as a Central Coast Service Technician might be right for you!


As an independent consultant, this role offers exceptional earning potential, all under your control. Central Coast has been the leading Twin Cities Macintosh business partner for the last 20 years. With the closing of First Tech, Central Coast is now the oldest Apple Authorized Reseller in Minnesota. We need great people on our team as we continue to grow.


Our clients – we support all shapes and sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to home-based businesses. No two days are alike, and your problem-solving skills, expertise and great communication skills will shine. Central Coast only hires the best technicians in town, but we’ll train the right people if their potential, skills and talents align with our needs.


If you like to help organizations and people solve problems so they get the most from their tools, and be a part of a great team that likes to have fun at work, contact ed@centralcoastweb.com to start the conversation.


Our Clients


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Central Coast clients are simply the best ever! Check out the organizations below that have had our support to improve productivity, ensure their tech products and systems are helping them to create exceptional work - and because they're well trained to use everything, they hit their client deadlines with ease. Don't just take our word for it. Read what they have to say!