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Your Productivity is Dependent on Technology Working Well

For a fast response when you need to know someone is there to solve that frustrating technology problem that is keeping your organization from meeting a critical deadline, get in touch with Central Coast Solutions. Our technicians are smart, dive quickly into issues with great solutions, and are ready to take your systems – from desktop to internet – to the next level.


Get Your Systems to a KNOWN, STABLE LEVEL

We work alongside you to get your systems stabilized. Many of our clients want to know the basics. So we train – and then maintain – to keep your technology running smoothly. If we are doing our job correctly, your computers are making you money.


We are Workflow Specialists with True End-to-End Solutions.

  • All Apple Macintosh products
  • Mac integration on PC networks
  • Network and Internet configuration
  • Application support and training
  • PDF workflow
  • Printing & color consultation – all formats
  • Font management tools and training
  • Secure backup system
  • Remote access, VPN and security
  • Tablets, scanners and all peripherals

Save and plan for your budget with Service and Maintenance Plans. Take advantage of our package pricing!


Prompt Service to Keep Your Downtime to a Minimum

Our certified technicians perform service on system and application software, hard drives, computer equipment, peripherals and network equipment. Service can be performed either on-site or at our service facility. Packaged Service Plans save money and hours purchased NEVER expire.


Technology Workflow Audit – Customized Strategy and Action Plans

Not sure if you are getting the most from your technology? We can help! Our Technology Workflow Audit will review your current status and create a plan for a stable, highly productive environment. We will identify:

  • Hardware and software upgrade compatibility
  • Gaps in your technology process
  • File sharing and collaboration options
  • Network speed and security issues
  • Productivity and training opportunities

We’ll build a custom technology strategy that ensures your organization is getting the most from your tools and systems.


shutterstock_167677004_LRCentral Coast Helps New York Magazine Seamlessly Relocate to the Twin Cities

“Central Coast was extremely patient, helpful and unobtrusive, as they helped guide us through a very challenging relocation from New York to Minneapolis. Imagine a completely new creative staff of art directors, copy editors, freelancers, all needing different levels of access to servers, printers, passwords, data, images, and none of us really had any established workflow or working status for the technology we had inherited.


Ed and his team helped us sort it all out, made recommendations that improved workflow and protected the many deadlines inherent in publishing an iconic magazine.”


— Monica Moses, Editor in Chief, American Craft Magazine




Service Pricing & Details Service Pricing & Details


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Pre-Paid Service / Proactive Maintenance

Prevent Downtime and Save Money

If you neglect your computer it will eventually fail. Why sit on a ticking time bomb – just waiting for the right time to mess up your workflow and cause you to miss an important deadline?


Investing in Service and Proactive Maintenance Plans are easy ways to keep your systems running smoothly while budgeting for your service and support. By pre-paying for blocks of time, your organization is ensured immediate response to service needs, all within a known budget.


Our Billable Rate is Likely Less than Yours

Let’s talk about value and be brutally honest: Our billable rate is probably less than yours. By hiring the experts, you not only optimize your tools, but can stop wasting time on things that take you away from your clients’ billable work.


Comprehensive Service Plans

Virtually any service can be provided, including consulting, hardware/software service, networking, etc. Unlike “service contracts” which charge you monthly fee whether you receive service or not, our plan hours NEVER EXPIRE, you never have to forfeit unused service hours and are under no time obligation to use them. Tracking of hours used is done for you and the balance of remaining hours is on every invoice.


Proactive Maintenance Plans

What a great way to keep your systems in tip top shape! Both monthly and quarterly plans are available to keep working the way it should, receive the right updates for your hardware and software, and solve problems before they start costing you money.


shutterstock_162018764_LRYour Productivity is the Focus of Our Work

“High productivity allows you to do great work for your clients. More often than not, when we walk into our new clients’ offices and begin talking with employees, we encounter cultures where people have stopped asking for help – because it simply hasn’t been there for them. They’ve gotten so used the workarounds that they don’t realize how much time they are wasting.

We change that by updating to the right products for their specific needs, providing support and service, and then training people to work smarter. Now that’s an intelligent investment.”


– Ed Klemz, Owner, Central Coast Solutions


Proactive Pricing & Details Proactive Pricing & Details


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