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Get the Most Out of Your Tools and Yourself

Your people are your greatest asset. You’ve invested in the products and support – now make sure the users are high functioning too. The permutations of hardware, software and application knowledge are getting more complex every day.


We can give your organization the critical information you need to use your systems – while saving time by avoiding the information that doesn’t apply to your organization or team.


Stop Wasting Time with Workarounds

Decrease the time spent locating files, waiting for files to transfer, to render, to open, to save, to convert, to print, and keep your data and creativity flowing. The number of users that don’t know how to use font management tools is astounding. We’ll share time saving tips and customized instruction that applies directly to your company’s workflow and productivity.


Our billable rate is likely less than what you bill your clients. Expand your knowledge, increase your productivity and increase profits – easy!


Train Onsite at Your Location – Convenient

Best of all, Central Coast brings the training to you – easy, convenient and custom.


OS X Workflow Training

Use Your Operating System to Increase Productivity

Learn from the best workflow specialists in the industry! Discover the right approach to upgrading your company to the latest version of OS X, application settings, optimized workflow tools, PDF, font management, plus a host of critical tips and tricks.


Expand Your OS Knowledge Base Quickly

This three-hour course gives you valuable information you can directly apply at your desktop to gain confidence in the new OS. Our training doesn’t teach you every feature – it focuses on what you need to know. You will learn specific techniques for using your computer in a whole new way.


Customized Training

Conference1-e1398713939651Applications, Integrations and Everything In Between

Do you need training for design and production applications, Mac/PC server integration, media asset management or virtually any other subject that can impact your productivity?


Simply the Best Resources

With our extensive knowledge base and partnership with an array of industry professionals, we will provide or point you to the best resource to keep your business running smoothly.