Font Licensing Workshop

Are the fonts you use in your business legal?

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Font licensing is now THE hot topic of 2018 – and we want to help you learn your responsibilities in this complicated, and potentially costly world. The risk is real. Font license litigation is on the rise, and there is no design firm or client too small for their attention.


All fonts used commercially need appropriate licensing to be legally used and this workshop will take you through the right methods and practices to protect yourself, your company and your brand. You’ll learn how to select the best fonts and choose the right licenses for design and approval, printing, and how to use them in the real world. We’ll cover the tools you need at your desktop to properly manage and track your fonts, and the technical workflow required to keep it all running.


The end result: You will know the right way to select, manage and license fonts. By focusing on what you need to know to manage your font licensing needs, and mitigate your risk of litigation, you can get on with the business of selling your products and services.


This Pay-Per-View video presentation of our recent live 2+ hour event in Minneapolis is available for $79 (discounted to $49 through December 31st, 2018!), and includes the following:

  • PDF Downloads of all materials handed out at the live presentation
  • PDF Downloads of all presentation slides
  • Font Risk Assessment Guide
  • Sample language to add to your contracts and agreements that defines the roles of all font license users
  • Transcript of Q&A section of video

Learn from these Industry-Leading Experts in Font Licensing, Workflow and Management:


Paul Newton & Matt Nelson – Extensis

Extensis provides the tools to organize, manage and access their font collection – from small teams to large organizations who need font management. Paul & Matt cover Suitcase versions and the capabilities of Universal Type Server (UTS)


Ed Klemz – Central Coast Solutions

Ed, as the Founder of Central Coast Solutions, is dedicated to enhancing the productivity and profitability of your company. As your Macintosh business partner, Central Coast strives to offer excellent training programs, from OS X to font management and workflow best practices, we’ve got programs that focus on learning what you need to know.


Greg Mitchell – Font Shield

Greg Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Font Shield. He brings 40 years experience in the discipline of typefaces, fonts, typography, typesetting, and licensing to the table to help manage your font licensing needs and mitigate your risk of litigation so you can get on with the business of selling your products and services.


Video Timeline:

0:00:00 – 0:04:38 – Introductions
0:04:39 – 0:25:02 – Central Coast Solutions
0:25:03 – 0:44:49 – Extensis
0:44:50 – 1:37:40 – Fontshield
1:37:41 – 2:17:04 – Q&A


Who should view this event?

  • Anyone who uses fonts or font resources in the creation of their work, either for their own use or for an external client
  • Anyone who hires work to be done that includes fonts in the deliverable
  • Those who prints or delivers on the web any font resources

Click here to order your access to the Pay-Per-View Event, PDF content and more today!

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Reviews of the event:

“This information helped me avoid a $10k+ penalty – and who knows how much more in the future!” – B. Packaging, Minneapolis

“Great info – but scary. We all need to “get legal” sooner than later!” – M. Designer, St. Paul

“I wish I would have known this information a year ago – before the lawsuit.” – J. Agency, Minneapolis