shutterstock_131795768_LRCentral Coast was there when my computer blew up.

“At 10:00 p.m. my computer actually blew up—literally—we’re talking smoke pouring out the back followed by that wonderful burnt electric smell. Needless to say I was horrified. It’s one thing to lose the hardware, but my next thought was what else did I lose that I didn’t have backed up, and then, how am I going to meet my deadlines? I called Ed, the owner of Central Coast and left a rather frantic message. I was not surprised when he called me right back and told me not to worry.”


“Remember this is 10:00 at night.”


“That’s the kind of responsiveness I’ve come to expect from Ed. He came out first in the morning, his customary Mountain Dew in one hand and a temporary machine for me to use in the other. After recovering all my files off my hard drive, he helped me decide the best business strategy for a replacement machine. I say that because with Ed it’s not about the hardware of software, they’re just tools, but it’s about the health and welfare of my business and where I’m going with it. Oh, and he doesn’t make you feel dumb for asking, well, dumb questions. I know he’s got clients far bigger than my little business, but when he makes a house call it’s like you’re the only one that matters.”


— Terri Kinne, Owner, Kinne Design



shutterstock_174976631I’m a true believer!

“The dream machine is up and running and GORGEOUS, and Central Coast Solutions  was great to work with. I’m sure you figured I was a little apprehensive about the in-home “gourmet” treatment, and I am now a true believer. A total convert.


The Apple Store and the Genius Bar are NOT the only go-to guys at the front of my little black book anymore! THANKS for your help in getting that all set up! Have a splendid day.”


—Amy Lengsfeld



shutterstock_167677004_LRNew York magazine relies on Central Coast for key transition

“Central Coast was extremely patient, helpful and unobtrusive, as they helped guide us through a very challenging relocation from New York to Minneapolis. Imagine a completely new creative staff of art directors, copy editors, freelancers, all needing different levels of access to servers, printers, passwords, data, images, and none of us really had any established workflow or working status for the technology we had inherited.


Ed and his team helped us sort it all out, made recommendations that improved workflow and protected the many deadlines inherent in publishing an iconic magazine.”


— Monica Moses, Editor in Chief, American Craft Magazine american-craft-council


ccs-logo-soloBest Mac shop – hands down

“I worried. Would I be able to find a good Mac shop in Minnesota? And by gosh, I found Central Coast Solutions, and they’re about 50 times better than the Apple Stores I lived near in California!


I’m SO sold on these people. One repair and it couldn’t have gone better or more smoothly!”


– Steve Holland



shutterstock_139839664_LRBrilliant, reliable and they seem normal!

“I’d recommend Central Coast Consulting to anyone. 1) they really know their stuff; 2) they’re a pleasure to deal with and 3) their company is the perfect size for giving great service. 


I’ve tried the big firms. Because of the high rate of staff turnover, I never had the same tech twice–some were great, others were not, but it was all pot luck. So I tried working with individual consultants and met a cast of highly eccentric, sometimes brilliant characters who could been in a movie. Except I wasn’t making a movie. I was just trying to work on my Macs. 


I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally find the folks at Central Coast. They’re brilliant, reliable and they seem normal. Which is no small thing in the computer biz—it’s sort of like hitting the Trifecta of Macintosh consulting. Central Coast is the best.”


—Lynnell Mickelsen