“Dear Ed and Bill,


From the entire Design Camp® Committee, we wanted to send you our deepest and most sincere thank you for helping to create such a memorable experience at this year’s Camp. Your efforts were tremendous, and camper’s enormously benefitted from your presence. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future.


Again, our deepest gratitude and warmest wishes to you. You were a vital part in making this Camp one of the most successful and memorable in history.


Thank you from all of us,

— Julie Prior, Amber Wahl, Seth Engman, Sarah Stroschein, Steven Grant, Katie Bakken, Cassie Schober, Nancy Harriss, Randy Piechowski, Renee Ebert, Amy Grace, Dan Paulus, Ginny Shea, Sam Michaels, Sandra Theis, Marlon Amaro, and Rachel Pastick.”


Ed At DesignCamp 2012

Photo credit: Austin Adriaens