Solutions for the Big Picture

Where does technology accountability lie at the highest level in your organization? Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the head of an IT Department, managing a small creative firm, or the sole proprietor of a home-based business, you cannot downplay the role technology plays in the strategy for your business model.



IT is an Entrepreneurial Role.

Gartner’s Executive CIO Survey in 2014*, which polled 2,399 CIOs from 77 countries and over $300 billion in IT spending, overwhelming showed that CIOs are expected to think big picture about their organization. This means IT is not just a cost center. It’s an entrepreneurial role that is expected to run a business, grow revenues and boost productivity.


CIOs are Rebranding Themselves as CDOs (Chief Digital Officers).

Technology is the root of your digital strategy. When IT budgets have increased by 8.2 percent in 2014, 41 percent of organizations spent their IT budgets outside their organization, and 41 percent of CIOs indicated they cannot respond to their digital opportunities in a timely fashion and it effects the success of their company – having an entrepreneurial, big-picture thinker that FULLY understands the technology that is at the root of their digital strategy is essential. Do you have this role covered and high functioning in your organization?



We’ll Say It Again: We’re Here To Help Your Business Be Successful.

Sure, we help you purchase the right products, service your machines and networks, and provide “need to know” training for users. But in addition, we’ll consult with you on the big picture of your organization to ensure the role technology plays is optimized – and is giving you a competitive advantage both today and tomorrow.


Best of all, this doesn’t need to take a lot of time. Integrating a few hours a month for big-picture thinking into your Service Plan is a lot less expensive than hiring a CIO or a CDO to your staff.


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