The results of the iPod drawing we sponsored are in. Congratulations to the winners!


Dear Ed,

I just finished picking the winners of my Red Ribbon Ride iPod Shuffle drawing sponsored by Central Coast Solutions. The names of everyone who donated $50 or more were each assigned a number. I then used an online random number generator to produce the winning numbers. The winners were 7 and 11!

Before I let you know who 7 and 11 are, I want to again thank Central Coast Solutions for their donation of the two iPod Shuffles for this drawing. Central Coast Solutions is always ahead of the game with their knowledge of Apple products and how they can best be configured for your home or business environment, and as always, their service is always above and beyond expectations. You can find out more about Central Coast Solutions and how they might help you or your business on my personal fundraising page or by visiting their website at

Okay, the winners are…

#7 Chris Morris

#11 Kari Thorpe

Thank you all and congratulations!


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