Here is an email I received about the Red Ribbon Ride. This is a great cause and I hope you choose to help.


Dear Ed,

Spring has finally arrived in Minneapolis and it’s time to pull my bike off the trainer and hit the road in preparation for this year’s Red Ribbon Ride. Between July 14 and 17th, I will again be riding 300-miles to raise money for eight Minnesota HIV/AIDS organizations.

To help me reach my increased goal of $1800, my friends over at Central Coast Solutions have donated two iPod Shuffles to be given away as incentives. On Wednesday, April 20th I will be drawing two names from everyone who has donated or does donate at least $50 or more to my 2011 Red Ribbon Ride by midnight on April 19th. These two people will each win a 2GB iPod Shuffle!

Donations can be made by credit card or personal check, but must be received by 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 19th to qualify. I will notify everyone of the winners via email on the evening of the 20th. If you have have already made a generous donation of less than $50 to my ride, you may make a second donation to total or exceed the $50 mark to be entered in the drawing. You can make your donation and view photos of the 2GB iPod Shuffles by following the link to my personal fundraising page below.

I would like to extend a gracious “thank-you” to Central Coast Solutions for their donation of the iPods for this drawing. Central Coast Solutions is a full-service business technology consulting company based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. Central Coast’s core markets rely on Apple Macintosh computers, and believe me, they know everything about them; their integration into PC networks, applications and workflow. They also offer training to help you get the most out of your tools and yourself. You can find out more about Central Coast and how they might help you or your business on my personal fundraising page or by visiting their website at

Thanks and good luck!


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